The Rolo Project

Text-based contact management software.

Rolo keeps track of your contacts and display them to you with a text-based menu. Rolo strives to be a well-constructed tool for complimenting text-based email programs-such as mutt. It utilizes the vCard version 3.0 format for storing its contacts and it interfaces with the end-user through a NCurses front-end.

Rolo is written in ANSI C and uses Automake and Autoconf to manage its build system. Rolo makes uses of the NCurses library and the menu library that compliments NCurses. It has been developed and tested thoroughly on FreeBSD, but the code was designed to be as non-platform specific as possible.

A vCard library, libvc, was written specifically for rolo using Flex and Bison. The library handles scanning a vCard file, parsing the vCard file into a data storage structure, manipulating the data storage structure, and writing back to file.

A utility to allow mutt users to search through rolo's contacts has been created called mutt_vc_query. It is meant to be used by mutt's query_command. See the section, below, titled Using Mutt With Rolo for more information.


The main index screen of rolo:

screenshot of rolo

The mutt_vc_query utility being used in mutt:

screenshot of mutt_vc_query


Rolo Development Put On Hold Until Early 2004
    ahsu - 2003-08-29 01:37   -   Rolo
Sorry to have to say this, but I have to put rolo on hold for a little while now. Work commitments have been eating up all of my spare time. I aim to start development again in early 2004. Cheers and thanks for those who have supported and encouraged the project thus far! [Read More/Comment]
Libvc 003 Released With vCard 2.1 Compatibility
    ahsu - 2003-06-13 22:45   -   Rolo
Properly parses vCard version 2.1 files. This means Microsoft vCard files can now be properly parsed as well. Searching and comparing type names and parameter names are now case insensitive. The build now produces shared libraries as well as static libraries. Libvc is a library for accessing and manipulating vCard files. [Read More/Comment]
Release Schedule Of Rolo
    ahsu - 2003-06-01 20:07   -   Rolo
The release schedule of rolo will tone-down for the next few months. From now on I'll aim to make a release every other week. The next release is scheduled for 15 June and then every other week after that. [Read More/Comment]
Rolo Forums Taken Off-Line
    ahsu - 2003-06-01 19:24   -   Rolo
The discussion forums provided by have been taken off-line. Discussions are now encouraged viathe rolo mailing list. See for more information on how to post to the mailing list. [Read More/Comment]

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Using Mutt With Rolo

A mutt query_command utility is included with the rolo package. This utility will allow queries to the data file (defaults to ~/.rolo/contacts.vcf) from mutt using mutt's query_command (see muttrc(5) for more info). In order to get this to work, you must add the following line to your ~/.muttrc file after installing the rolo package:

  set query_command="mutt_vc_query '%s'"

And you will then be able to query email addresses from the data file when you use the `Q' command in mutt.



The latest release of libvc is: 003


The latest release of mutt_vc_query is: 002


The latest release of rolo is: 011

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